Slow Food Editore, October 2017

Stiolorosso has been published inside the new edition of the prestigious guide Slow Wine 2018, with the mention of “everyday wine”.
You can find it in the chapter The small artisans in the lands of lambruschi. 

“In the lands of Lambruschi in the past few years has grown up the number of very small producers of outstanding wines. (…) Besides producing wines of remarkable quality, they are often protectors of a ampelography heritage not yet homologated and in risk of extinction;  therefore we believe we must monitor year after year this territory and its many actors, to report the small excellences produced by those artisans: 


San Martino in Rio (RE)
Stiolorosso 2016 – vino quotidiano
(blend of Sorbara, lambrusco oliva e ancellotta, fermentation in bottle)”

Massimo Zanichelli – Bietti Editions, June 2017

Stiolorosso is proud to be part of Effervescenze. Stories and interpreters of living wines.

At the center of a renewed interest, the most important Italian sparkling wines for the first time are told in this book. From Prosecco trevigiano to Bonarda d’Oltrepò, passing through the world of Emilian Lambrusco, “Effervescenze” is a journey into the world of rural bubbles produced by fermentation in the bottle.

In spite of the most snobby criticism, these sparkling wines find today redemption and success thanks to an indisputable quality, reaffirming their noble bond with the territory: they are living wines, expression of a genuine and exciting enology.

About Stiolorosso: “… a perfumed aromas of refermentation and a palate of calibrated effervescence, with fruity hints of ripe cherry, with an incisive tannin and a dry, decisive flavor of good persistence.”

Camillo Favaro – Fil Rouge Publisher, 2017

A book to discover the fascinating lands of Sorbara, Grasparossa and Salamino. A journey alongside the Modena winemakers, digging through their traditions and culture, invariably accompanied by a bottle of Lambrusco.

20 winemakers and 20 interviews, 3 vines and 3 territories. Only one wine: Lambrusco.

Born from an idea by Giulio Loi, Filippo Marchi and Antonio Previdi, written by Camillo Favaro, with photographs by Maurizio Gjivovich and the preface by Burton Anderson.

“A wine that particularly struck us (…) among all those tasted during our trip is the Stiolorosso 2015 with a nose that shows off, among the classic red fruit notes and an elegant graphite, the only white peach in the area”.

Castagno, Gravina, Rizzari – Giunti publisher, 2016

This book is about wines, but not the “usual”: it is the secret notebook of three talent scouts who have started to discover those bottles that almost nobody knows and that today have an excellent quality-price ratio. Stories of passionate winemakers and 120 wines that will be highly appreciated tomorrow.

They say of Stiolorosso: “Among the best lambrusco tasted in the last decades, Stiolorosso by Gabriele Ronzoni (…) is undoubtedly placed. The wine, well, is magnificent: of blackberry-bluish tint, “fat” in the carbon foam, it has an unexpectedly austere smell in the first minutes, more on the mineral / reduced side than on the fruity one. In the mouth has irrepressible juiciness, fullness of fruit (bitter cherry), “sparkling” harmonious pulpy taste and clear, vibrant, refreshing final “.


Lambrusco’s lovers from all over the world, get together: at Laghi in Campogalliano everything is gonna be excellent 
Alessandro Morichetti – Intravino, 1st August 2016

“The Laghi restaurant is the home of Lambrusco, and under the 20 euro there is a quantity of bottles so staple that I can not think of, in all of Italy, an area with a better price-happiness ratio than this. We dried up four in two and tasted a fifth: all Lambrusco, all so close and yet so far away. With a preference for the Stiolo Rosso 2015 by Gabriele Ronzoni (Casalpriore): a delicious wine, in which 80% of Sorbara is thickened by the balance of olive lambrusco and ancellotta, grape dyeing by definition. Referenced in the bottle with an engaging sharpness, a tasty fabric, blended perfectly with a thin and precious bubble. Show.”

Adriano Aiello – Dissapore, July 25th 2016

“Net smell, clean and of considerable intensity for the type, opens on a bunch of red flowers thrown by the bride to friends, fruit trees and a grated graphite Staedler.

7 euros a bottle and a lot of happiness.”

Roberto Giuliani – Lavinium, November 19th 2015

If there is one thing that does not lack in this Lambrusco [Casalpriore] is the ability to produce excitement in the observer, undoubted merit of the beautiful red foam that manifests once poured into the glass and those brilliant purple ruby that has few equals in the world of wine.

Close to the nose, it brings pleasant floral notes of violet, cyclamen, rose and magnolia, to then leave room for a fresh fruity reminiscent of cranberry juice, black cherry, raspberry and pomegranate sprinkles. “